Our Activities

Vedanta Vidyasharam

Covid-19 Relief Camp

While the whole world has been shaken by Covid-19, Vedanta Vidyasharam has created awareness in many schools and villages but has not stopped at that time and has distributed free masks, sanitizers, and face shields. Every office bearer, board of directors of our organization is working not as a leader but as a servant of the people. Inadequate to Covid Center trying to give a falling machine. Also, we have distributed foods, ration kits, and made economical support to poor children whose family can’t bear their education in this situation.

Amphan Relief Camp

Many times nature shows its resentment like we face floods, earthquakes, storms, drought. And we suffer financially and personally. This is exactly how the devastating storm “Amphan” ravaged all of West Bengal. Many people were badly affected, many people became homeless. Whenever it happens we try to stand by those people who suffer in that rage. By doing this relief camp we serve them, although not completely, we help them to put a smile on their face. We have served more to the helpless by our relief camp even in that situation when it was not possible to reach out to them.

Environmental Awareness Camp

Our environment has suffered significant threats in the last few decades. At present pollution and deforestation for industrialization and settlement are slowly pushing our nature to the brink of destruction. Our environment is our surrounding area, It is the natural condition in which an organism, plant, or animal grows and prospers. Saving our environment is vital for sustaining humanity. We all need to be aware of increasing the number of greens. So we made an effort and we also set up a tree-planting program, cleanliness programs, and many more.

Help To The Poor

The distribution of wealth is not equal and therefore it is the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to society in any way. There are a number of NGOs and organizations around the world that are working to help people in need. So we have taken the initiative to stand by the helpless poor. You too can help the needy by donating food and clothes locally without joining us. Many children do not get the opportunity to study and do not get enough money to study. You can pay for their education. Educating someone is the best form of help because it will make them self-reliant in the future.